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Blue Tide Therapy
Holistic therapy

About me

Let me introduce myself

I studied physiotherapy at the 3.Medical Faculty of Charles University in the years 2000-2003. My vision is to offer the holistic therapy to my clients. My intention is to win respect, trust, safety, unconditional acceptation and professional knowledge to my clients. I use the best of every treatment method which I had learned and I carefully think of convenient combinations of them.


I help my clients to recover after surgery, injury or illness. I support them to reach the optional level of fitness. This term means for me the state with sufficient vitality, energy and fulfilling of the potential in all aspects of human being – body, mind, soul.


Methods of treatment:

  • Craniosacral therapy

  • Visceral manipulation

  • Dr. Schmitt's massage

I believe I can be beneficial to you. I can give you a free online consultation if needed.

Alexandra Klozová
I wish you pleasant reading and I am looking forward to meet you, sincerely Bc. Alexandra Klozová.

Craniosacral therapy

Description of the method

This treatment method uses gentle touch to improve client's health. The basic idea is that the body of every human being has got so called „Congenital treatment plan“.

The body recognizes how to restore and maintain health. But it loses the potential how to do it by the extraordinary physical or psychical load.

The therapist can help the body (system) to reconnect to that ability again. Because „Health“ is present in the body all the time.

Description of the method

Every organ in the body needs to be free in it's movement. Thus it can do all the functions properly.

This therapy restores this natural movement again. It is gentle method used in the region of abdomen, pelvis and chest. It is based upon the detailed anatomical knowledge.

Visceral manipulation

Dr. Schmitt's massage

Description of the method

This massage releases not only physical but also psychical tension. It was invented by Dr. Schmitt (German medical doctor who was interested in the natural methods of healing).


It belongs to the so called „body-therapy“. It means that it helps the client to unite with his/her body, sensation and emotions.


It is also convenient if psychotherapy or other method of personal development is used.

Services & Price list

Craniosacral therapy

90 minutes

1400 CZK

  • Introductory consultation

  • Therapy

Visceral manipulation

60 minutes

1200 CZK

  • Introductory consultation

  • Diagnostics

  • Therapy

Dr.Schmitt's massage

60 minutes

1200 CZK

  • Introductory consultation

  • Massage



Ivo Salcman, Dobříš

I suffer often from excessive tension of muscles and the feeling of the body stiffness. Therapies done by Alexandra Klozová meant significantly releasing of tension and relaxing of the body and soul.

I can recommend it.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Craniosacral therapy?
    Craniosacral therapy (osteopathy) is holistic therapeutic method. It was founded by Dr. Sutherland (1873-1954). This method was further developed by Dr.Upledger and other medical doctors and therapists. Therapeutic process begins by diagnostics which is based on the listening to the rhythms of nervous system. One of them is so called CRI (Craniosacral Impulse), which is the rhythm of cerebrospinal fluid circulation. This cerebrospinal fluid circulates regularly between spinal canal and cerebral ventricles. The wave of the cerebrospinal fluid circulation is transmitted to the whole body. Thus it is possible to feel the rhythm anywhere (head, limbs, trunk). Frequency and character of CRI changes upon the actual state of the whole body. Craniosacral therapy uses gentle touch for regulating of nervous system and tissues. Improvement of the nervous system balance can be detected on the frequency and character of CRI. Regulated nervous system then ensures better function of body and mind.
  • For whom is Craniosacral therapy convenient?
    Use can be very broad. Craniosacral therapy solves not only the specific problem, but at the same time improves health of the whole system. From this point of view it is not so important if the main problem is manifested in the movement system, internal organs or anywhere else.
  • Are there any problems and diagnoses where is Craniosacral therapy used the most often?
    Pain and other problems in movement system (head, back) State after surgeries or injuries It is used by neurological diseases Regeneration after illness Complementary method at psychological problems Oto-rhino-laryngological diagnoses (ears, sinuses), tinnitus (disturbing sounds in one or both ears) Before or after visiting a dentist
  • When is this method not used?
    Only when the serious acute condition is present. That means: fracture of the head basis, bleeding or aneurysma (broadening of the vascular wall) in the head area.
  • What is Visceral manipulation?
    This method was invented by the French osteopath Jean Pierre Barral. This method comes from the knowledge that every organ in the human body needs to be free in its motion. If this free motion is present then the organ can do all functions properly. This therapy restores this natural movement and can be done in the area of abdomen, pelvis or chest.
  • For what problems and diagnoses is this therapy the most convenient?
    States after abdomen, gynecological or chest operation Functional problems with digestion, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) Regeneration after illness Movement system problems
  • When is this method not used?
    It is not convenient when the acute state is present (fever, inflammation, bleeding). There is needed enough time for tissue healing after any surgery. From the above mentioned reason is Visceral manipulation recommended the earliest 2 months after the surgery. If the client is pregnant woman there are no techniques used in the area of abdomen. Visceral manipulation is possible to apply after 6 weeks after the childbirth. It is not done in the place where is present any implant.
Are you not sure which of the methods can be beneficial for you?

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