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Qi = energy, vitality, life force/power
gong = art

What is


Qi-gong means the art of working with life energy or vitality.

This exercise comes from China. First recordings about Qi-gong are available from the period of reign of the Yellow Emperor (Chuan-ťi). He lived around the year 2700 B.C.

But probably this art is much older and it was passed secretly and directly from the teacher to the student.

What are the effects of


Tool for

prevention of



the life



the nervous


Improve health

of the movement


Positive effect

on internal


Who is

Qi-gong for?

Qi-gong can practised by anybody. It doesn't matter what is your age or what physical condition you have. Exercices are done in the standing position. You don't need to be very flexible or strong. It is convenient for everybody who experiences/experienced high psychical or physical load.

You can make some prevention from psychical or physical overloading by practising Qi-gong.

We can't change everytime something demanding in our lives. But we can make useful steps to make it easier for us.

Qi-gong can also exercise people who suffer from some chronical problems. Qi-gong can be very beneficial for keeping your physical and psychical vitality.

Qi-Gong workshop

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